August 30, 2012

arthur wants to lose things.  i don't think that you should ever lose things.

arthur wants to forget some things.  he says that he is tired of them.

he is getting electroshock therapy for his mania.  he wanted it.

August 29, 2012

i gave him robert walzer and bruno schulz to read.  arthur will be fine.

arthur decided he needed a rest.  he is in a sanatorium in switzerland.

August 28, 2012

is arthur still alive?  you haven't mentioned him.  where is he?

August 27, 2012

we will talk of our love lives.  we will talk of how we think.

have you ever had a tree burn down in front of your house?

accompany me with your guitar on my television in my living room.

August 25, 2012

my name is adele.  i am part of you now.

 over the last few days the nets have dropped, and a small change has occurred.

perspective.  but i was trapped by nets, which followed me everywhere.

my delay of two weeks was unsettling.  my intention was to go out of my mind to gain

August 9, 2012

you may know nothing,  she said.  i know what i see coming.

August 8, 2012

arthur said that it was beginner's luck.  we know nothing about anything.

and it was as we had see it before.  again the action and sound was staccato.

that time in new york.  we both saw it, and then we went there,

August 6, 2012

he said that we were very talented amateurs.  and that we were in love.  

arthur said that we would never hit the bull's eye.  we may never hit the target.

but you see them too.  we share them.  you told me.  arthur said that she was right.

we only think we know the half of it.  these things haven't happened yet.

we may see and hear only half of what is going on.  what about the other half?

so many things seem left out.  the sounds and the moving images are disconnected.

August 5, 2012

these things we see.  they are tableau vivants, but they move slightly, and then there are words.

memory is not the process involved, arthur said.

arthur remembers a fire breaking out.  she doesn't. 

she said that she had no hint of that.

do you remember being together in cadiz that night?

how much of what we see is true?  

August 4, 2012

everyone has memories of the past.  when you talk about the future, it scares them.

and the future?  they are all stories.  you must be careful, arthur said.

people like us.  what is the difference between the past,

arthur said that we must come back to earth.

they were getting ahead of themselves.  

August 3, 2012

but jessica is alive now.  this happened years later.  we do not know her yet.

August 1, 2012

jessica also had her fans.  she had been uncredited in a good film.  ella thought she was beautiful.

how do you really explain anything anyway.  you usually explain it away.

tom powers said that fixing a chandelier to fall at the right moment was improbable.

some had reservations.  jessica was a very sick girl.  some people were frightened of her.

there was no indication of foul play.