May 30, 2014

that is the way she looked when i first saw her.

she turned toward me and seemed to freeze.

adelle told me that she saw stars in your eyes.

it was like that.  but i was always in the shadows.

i didn't want to be noticed.  i was breaking apart.

i was fragmented.

i talked to myself too much.  since there was no one else.

then i saw her again on the street and she approached me.  
berlin.  1928.

May 25, 2014

there is a hummingbird inside me.
lovely and ruby-throated,
it's always humming.

rapidly it flies out and unravels its delicate proboscis
into the throat with the nectar.

strong wings, but fragile when caught under heavy weights,
whip against my larynx.  letters scatter...everywhere!

...i won't speak yet.  this is an all senses embrace.
i won't hesitate--it's too sweet for... now!  later,
it will have an aftertaste.

and a cavity or two?

i will have to make an appointment with my dentist.
my therapist too?  the hummingbird is gone quick as it came.

May 24, 2014

i see all of these signposts of death that are false.  the others have the wrong idea.

the old man in his skeleton costume

is funny, scary i suppose.

as if we were anything but flesh and blood.

the ghosts and the goblins.  oh, there are ghosts,

but no one would recognize them as such.

the others don't just seem that interested.

they go on with their lives.  

we can converse with them but there is 

a lack of connection.  there is something missing.

who are you out there?