June 29, 2013

i think about it.  when i have time.  it ebbs and flows.  the magicians are not to be trusted.

the magicians are all saying that there is a way out.  do you think about time, arthur?  now?

she was not your mother.  she seemed like your mother.  she was only three years older.

you can't imagine what that they are thinking.  this is how you think, not necessarily what you think.

why are you telling so much?  are you concerned about your audience?

June 28, 2013

they were as strange and wonderful to me as i was strange to them.  they sought me.  only for a few days.

of course, they were all strangers to me.  i made love to her on the floor of some warehouse.

i was seduced by a woman who seemed like my mother.  she was not.

part of the present was sexual.  i made love to a stranger in the dunes.

June 27, 2013

but that is changing arthur, isn't it?  you will find yourself with different faces from now on.
don't worry.  you will get used to it.  you will have your own face occasionally.
a present.

this is the way i looked.  people mistook me for montgomery clift.  just looked like him.

what that charles boyer character said is correct.  his whole head replaced mine.  seamless.

June 26, 2013

something happened in my sleep that night.  when i opened my eyes, i knew the way it worked.

is this a joke?  what is going on?  who else is here?
then he was clearly startled. he turned, and left.

June 25, 2013

at a pool party I saw this man who looked like me.  he gave me four distinct glances.

right after the explosions, something else happened.  something i'll never forget.  if i could forget. 

where has time gone?  do you think about it?  now?

June 24, 2013

i think about it.  he reminds me of the boy with the green hair.  he was uncanny.

where has the time gone?  do you ever think about it?  now?

June 23, 2013

it was that something that the glowing boy mumbled.  arthur was sure.

arthur thought that something had happened in that car when he picked up that hitchhiker.

something was clearly in the air.  it was beautiful.  it was ugly.  the next night, the explosion.  

June 22, 2013

the boys said that they were forced to go to magicians for the truth.  

eddie at the docks told arthur the boys were saying that there was a way out.  a way to go on.

when arthur opened his eyes, he had a new face.  he wasn't shocked.  he had heard rumblings.

June 21, 2013

arthur was in a half-sleep thinking something had happened.  he was waiting to open his eyes.

some abstractions occurred in his sleep.  or maybe he was looking at the inside of his eyelids.  at any rate, something had happened on that short car trip that had changed his life.  arthur seemed to have a new role to play without asking for it.  he wished that he could have understood the glowing boy.  
but now he had a gun in his hand.  he threw it out the window, and drove home to fond du lac, wisconsin.

but arthur felt light again.  better than he had in years.  something had lifted.

he had always loved a hint of melancholy.  but he feared it now.

suddenly a storm.  he thought of durer and the state of being melancholy.  two separate things.