April 30, 2014

i spent the morning at the aquarium.

i met arthur for a night out,

for a change.

there was a dancer who looked like la argentina at the club.

it was a nice night.  i was dreaming

when that man's face appeared in the corner.

he startled me!  i jumped out of my body.

April 29, 2014

if you were in my shoes,

you would also open the door.

a telephone on a telephone book in the corner.

a large, empty room with one table,

cluttered with photographs and bric-a-brac.

adele is the girl in the background.  she already knew.

April 27, 2014

i should go travelling soon.  it is 1948.  i am walking in circles,

 exploring the area searching  for beauty.

when i look down,

i see a ballerina.  footlights.  spots.

she is undeniably beautiful.  she is so small.

i don't see her as beautiful today.  maybe the sound of the pointe shoes

is needed.  music would help.  she seems out there alone.

i am finding it hard to find anything beautiful today.

the ballerina is dancing beautifully.  i don't know if you can see it?

but today i don't feel it with her.  

today is her turn.  i will go on a run soon.

April 26, 2014

adele watched arthur when he was outside on his small porch.

it was a small house.  it fit in the corner of this room.

sometimes she would look and his door would be closed.

and then again, she would look

and she thought she saw arthur return.  he looked so small.

but it was hard to tell sometimes.

arthur said that he met an intriguing man.  a pip he called him.

the man held court in the sheltered basement of the church in ashes, above.

April 25, 2014

because one boy,

and one man got slapped at the same moment,

and because both of her hands that night

contained the beloved ace of hearts,

lilith took a man who wouldn't, or couldn't speak as her lover.