November 1, 2014

when i was a young boy,

the sea would bring visions

October 31, 2014

into my sleep.  my bones

would dance in the dark.  they would dance on my fingertips.

i still see them of course.  

over different lives.  maybe the sea can't be blamed.

i take barbiturates 

so i can see them better,

with a whiskey,  i celebrate the bones of my dream.

where would i be without them?

these bones.  my bones.

not searching.  looking.

tonight i will see them clearly.  they are size of my eyeball.

they will dance.  maybe a little vaudeville.
until they retreat into the darkness.

October 28, 2014

my dancing stopped when my father was shot.

he was dead at 26.  i was 8.  

innocents are lost.  i was lost.  the wound remains.

October 27, 2014

the great beauty

lasts a second.  take notes if you can.

reach for your pencil.

the great beauty is gone.

October 25, 2014

they call her the ghost of the harbor.  she is the great beauty.

the flamingo  has come here to rest.  she is the great beauty.

the ghost's light passes over my face.  the light is the great beauty.

flamingoes and a saint have come to visit me.  the sky is the great beauty.

this is the great beauty.  

October 23, 2014

promise me that we will stay together till the end.

October 22, 2014

when i was a young boy, i ran through the woods.  almost every day.

approaching houses, the white sheets were taken with the wind.

i ran through the night.  i talked to the moon.

i imagined one mother praying for me at home.

i imagined another one waiting for me in the grass.

October 20, 2014

it was another time.  when i was was thirty, working my hands in the fields,  two girls saw
a vision of the virgin mary.

i never saw her.  maybe she was behind me.  i thought at the time that if i didn't see her,
she was never there.  not for me.  but i remember that i believed in the girls.