September 29, 2014

there is no light in the body.

even when there is no fire.

September 28, 2014

even the shadow shimmered,

then walked away.

it is nothing now.  it is nothing

without the light in the hallway.

the light shimmered too;

proud to fill two holes at once.

how do you begin again?  

when there was never a giant in the room.

 the point of view changes

even in still life.  so she begins

September 27, 2014

 with a different dance.   and it will end when the music stops.

the less things said the better.

adele doesn't want to see it.  hear it.

the last car is the gambling car.

roll the dice...

and give her room to breathe,

open the window,

her scarf flies away,

and her twin sister arrives.  she is in a deep sleep.

she is startled

by the boy

catching the ball

around the corner.

September 25, 2014

i sense there is a possibility here.

to see it all at once.

isn't that what you want?

maybe once in a blue moon.

but i am still waiting,

to see it all of once.

September 24, 2014

what you see through your eyes, you own.
the lens is deceitful.  it is too precise.  there is no room.

the image travels through so many layers of glass,
twisting into facsimile.

the camera lies.  the image lies a little more each time
it is viewed.

September 23, 2014

and you whispered to me     take me    take me.

and you whispered   take me there   take me there.

take me there    take me there,    before i reached for the gun.

September 22, 2014